Frequently asked questions

FAQWe are currently using a competiing management tool and/or Excel or Access files.
Is our data able to be transfered to TPBox ?

We can import and convert Projetex™, LTC Organizer™, MS Access™ et MS Excel™, and more generally SQL databases.
Unless there is a particular difficulty, this service is included in our global price.

Some adjustments could be necessary in order for the TPBox system to work better with the needs of our organisation. Is it possible to integrate them into the system at the time of installation ?

Describe your needs in detail: If TPBox does not yet have the desired function, we will take into consideration the feasability of the modifications or necessary adjustments, and we will try to integrate them into the offer.
For more complex modifications requiring more advanced development, a free estimate based on an hourly fee will be provided in a case-by-case basis.

I wish to keep my messaging software. Will received and sent mail from TBPox be synchronised?

Yes, if you use the IMAP protocol, then all sent and received messages from your software and TPBox will be synchronised on both systems.
The deliveries are done by our dedicated SMTP server.

Is it possible to host TPBox on-site?

TPBOX can be installed as a VMware. Contact us to obtain the prerequisites.

Besides auto-save, I wish to keep a copy of my data and databases in another machine. Is this possible ?

You are granted full FTP access to your data so you can download your archives anytime.