By subscription

The service is billed by user, by month.
This option is the most flexible: through simple request, you can add or delete a user, even go on to global license.
This way hosting, maintenance, and assistance are included in the price.

Starting at 59.00 € excluding VAT by month by user.

Global Licence mono-office

Designed for medium-sized agencies, this type of licence grants unlimited users and user rights.

Starting at 9 990.00 € excluding VAT.


Multi-office global license

Does your structure include many companies or subsidiaries?
This type of license grants unlimited user rights for the time of its duration, and also grants the right to unlimited users and offices/subsidiaries.

Starting at 12 900.00 € excluding VAT.


Many hosting options are available, regardless of the formula you have chosen.

Shared hosting

The service is hosted by a high quality platform bursting with resources and every year, the service is moved to an even more powerful server.
This offer represents the best value for your money.

49.00 € VAT excl. by month


Dedicated hosting

The service is hosted by an independent platform, and adapted to your needs.
This allows you to also, if need be, host additional services like an email server, a DNS server, etc.
We completely manage your server.

Starting at 89.00 € VAT excl. by month.


On-site hosting

If necessary, we have the possibility of hosting your server in your premises (with the condition that it corresponds to the prerequisites).
Whether it be a virtual or physical server, hardware maintenance as well as connectivity, are your responsibility.

Subject to an estimate