Providers Section

TPBox allows your providers to carry out all types of activities at any time: viiew their account and current orders, perform tasks such as online translation, complete evaluations or translate Instant Jobs.

There they can find all necessary elements to successfully complete their assigned tasks.

This space is, of course, secured and independent from our Agency. Therefore, the provider can only acces their own personal information (professional, administrative, financial, fees, references, diplomas, etc.)

The main actions are:

  • View purchase orders
  • Accept or refuse work offers
  • Download work files
  • Download or have online access to the translation memory
  • Access to Forums
  • Translation of Instant Jobs
  • Take evaluation tests
  • Access online account in real time
  • Management of personal information
  • Absence management
  • Reference management
  • Edit Invoice
  • History download in Excel format

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